July 2015

Cantaloupe Sorbet with St. Germain

Can I admit something? It’s kind of geeky. I have this thing with Australian reality TV shows. Did you know there is an Australian version of almost everything? Shark Tank, The Amazing Race, So You Think You Can Dance. Basically, if you’re having withdrawals from the end of a season, there’s an Australian version airing right now. You know, being upside down in the Southern hemisphere and all.

I type this as I binge on three episodes of Masterchef Australia. Best. Cooking show. Ever. It’s not like regular Masterchef at all. First of all, they air five episodes a week. Five episodes a week! It’s a TV marathoner’s dream.

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S’mores Macarons

Summer in the city is in full swing. Since moving to Toronto eighteen months ago, I have come to look forward to the multitude of events going on during the season. The food, beer, and music festivals — you can’t possibly do everything! It’s overwhelming. Where can you recharge?

The answer is — I believe — out of the city. Just get out. Go anywhere where you can find pine trees, a lake, chirping birds, fire pits, sleeping bags, and dare I say… mosquitos. I am sorry, if you’re not a cottage goer or a camper, this post isn’t for you. And as a former girl guide, I’d like to inform you that you’re missing out on life.

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Stateside Getaway

Does anyone else plan their vacation around when they can get reservations at certain restaurants? Just me? Ok. Well, I just returned from Washington, DC with my boyfriend and going through these photos has made me so hungry. We ate a lot of great food and most of the time I remembered to take a photograph before heading in face first. Oh yea, and we did some sightseeing too.

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