Lavender White Hot Chocolate For One

lavender white hot choc-1

Let’s catch up over a cup. You can grab a hot cup of whatever you like. I made myself this cup of white hot chocolate (you can make yourself one too). It has lavender in it! But we’ll talk more about that later.

It’s been too long! Isn’t that what you always say when you see an old friend? Like there exists a just-right amount of time to pass before you see someone again. It seems I am always playing catch up. Well anyway, one month without a post seems too long to me.

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Watermelon Lemonade

Beyoncé taught me many things. Being in love makes you look crazy. You should put a ring on what you like. Surfboard is actually pronounced surfboart. And most importantly, she taught me that watermelon is a drink.

For most of last summer, I serenaded Drunk in Love to myself until I forgot all the lyrics and it boiled down to just saying “I’ve been drinking watermelon” over and over. Inspired, I made watermelon lemonade. It’s the ultimate thirst quencher. I don’t know why it’s taken me this long to make it again!

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