Curried Squash Soup with Apple and Fennel

Squash Soup-1

Fall was my favourite season before it was cool and suddenly everybody’s favourite season. I mean, summer is fun but I’ve always struggled with the heat. In fact, it took me until August to finally realize that, no, I don’t need a jacket in case it’s cool. But fall is just perfect and not just because I can wear a jacket. But I guess everybody knows that now.

So now for something completely different… soup! I promise I am better at cooking than I am at segues. There is finally a chill in the air and I have wasted no time shifting gears to cool weather food. Goodbye barbecue ribs (I’ll miss you)! Goodbye salads (and good riddance)! Goodbye ice cream (maybe)! Hello hot tea, apple crisps, and soups!

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