Stateside Getaway

Does anyone else plan their vacation around when they can get reservations at certain restaurants? Just me? Ok. Well, I just returned from Washington, DC with my boyfriend and going through these photos has made me so hungry. We ate a lot of great food and most of the time I remembered to take a photograph before heading in face first. Oh yea, and we did some sightseeing too.

Things we saw a lot of in DC on 4th of July weekend:

  • American flags
  • Food trucks
  • Pageant girls wearing sashes
  • Secret service police
  • Museums
  • Stars, stripes, red, white, blue, and eagle-adorned attire
  • Presidential Monuments


{R: Wow, this El Fuego Burger is spicy! C: You know, el fuego means fire, right?}

{My Peruvian chicharron sandwich.}

{Washington monument selfie.}

{The best gnocchi I’ve ever had – hiding under the salmon at Range.}

{We sadly did not spot Bryan Voltaggio, but this brown sugar panna cotta cheered us up.}

{Food trucks galore.}

{Serious food envy.}

{We hit up the Smithsonians.}

{Can I interest you in some lemon sorbet?}

{Lincoln Memorial.}

{We tried some Turkish food in Dupont Circle.}

{GBD AKA Golden Brown Delicious AKA fried chicken and doughnuts AKA just leave me here to die}

{Kayaking at Key Bridge.}

{Rodney in his natural habitat – on the water with a paddle.}

{Outside Dean & DeLuca – one of those times where the food was eaten before I could document.}

{Happy birthday America!}


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